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Hawthorne Industries started from a humble beginnings with just a couple buddies just trying to earn some extra income on the weekends; to now a multi-functioning organization that continues to develop as more opportunities present themselves.

Operating as a minority owned business headquartered out of Northeast Nebraska. Hawthorne Industries is a force multiplier for all of our clients and business partners. Our skills range from construction management services for residential and commercial projects to self-performing work with our crew members in the concrete, framing, and carpentry fields of work.

The question we ask ourselves is what can't we do? Not only can we handle all of your construction projects requirements, but we also specialize in tree and snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping. If there is something you need done we can handle it for you!

Our most recent business aspiration has come in the form of equipment sales. With the help of our manufacturing team we are now providing our clients with quality, high grade, commercial attachments. Hawthorne Industries has a equipment laydown site conveniently located in Tri-State area of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota, allowing us to service a variety of cliental. Our in-house delivery trucks and trailers make us a one stop shop for our clients.

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